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Woman Sleeping

Wake up every Morning feeling Great!


Are you looking for better quality sleep? To sleep better doesn't mean to sleep longer!

- Do you struggle to get to sleep, or wake often during the night and find it difficult going back to sleep? 

- Do you wake up in the morning feeling worse than you did the night before? 

- Are you tired and irritable? 

- Do you find yourself lacking focus due to tiredness? 

- Do you experience physical, emotional or mental stress?

In an individual session we look at you as a whole and consider the 5 Koshas (body layers) to create peace of mind, better concentration, less physical aches, nourishing breathing, sustainable energy that is balanced throughout the day and less cravings for naps or sugary snacks or coffee. 

We use a specific sleep log, a sleep sequence that is proven to make you sleep better and many other tools both from a practical praxis as well as from a scientific backing.

If you are looking for better get in touch with me. I run workshops which can be the ideal taster to see how I can help you getting better sleep and prepare you for individual sessions with me.

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