When Disturbed by Negative Thinking, Think the Opposite

March 16, 2016

"Vitrka Badhane Pratpaksa Bhavanam"  

When disturbed by negative thinking, think the opposite [Yoga Sutra II:33]


This is a powerful sutra which we can use in our daily lives. I was first introduced to this sutra when attending a Jivamukti Yoga class. Back then the words did sink deep however, one first has to learn to cultivate the power of the mind in order to being able to think the opposite whenever a negative thought arises.


We all have disturbing feelings coming up every now and then, jealousy, anger, impatience, pessimism, stress, dullness… Next time you observe them - think the opposite. Whenever you feel you cannot reach your goal, think of gratitude for being where you already are. When you feel jealous of that friend that goes on a 3 month adventure, be happy for your friend and think of the life you have. If you are being judgmental towards someone's behaviour, try to shift it into compassion as you don't know the full story of that person. If you feel sad, accept sadness and don't judge it but see the beauty in it.


Our mind wants to be busy and it is a challenge to control our mind and stay in the present moment. Try to be gentle, observe and notice that there are days when you feel blissful and light and days when it feels more like a battle to stay present and to think the opposite…


But always remember: If you can change your thinking you can change everything.





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